Monash University Airport Pick-up
Conditions of service for Monash University Airport pick-up:
This service is free to new internationals students only. Aero operate the service for Monash University and will meet you at Tullamarine Airport (MEL). We do not pick-up students from Avalon airport (AVV).


  • You must submit this request form at least four (4) days (96 hours) before your arrival in Melbourne. Pick-up cannot be guaranteed if the form is incomplete.
  • The Australian Border Force website provides a guide to food you can bring into the country. If you bring food into Australia it must be declared and this may cause delays passing through customs, which could lead to your booking being cancelled if you arrive late. See below under "If you arrive late or not at all" for further information.
  • Please also refer to the section below under "If you arrive late or not at all" for further information.
  • This pick-up service will take you and your family to one address only.
  • We cannot wait for or take you to do a PCR-Covid test, the driver has a limited wait time and you’ll risk missing your pick-up.
  • If you make any changes to your arrival details after submitting this form, you must notify Aero by email as soon as possible:

Your pick-up request can only be processed if you meet the conditions listed in this document.

Luggage allowance

  • Three pieces of luggage only per student. The maximum size for 2 pieces of luggage is 76cm in length and the third piece of luggage with maximum size of 55cm in length.
  • If travelling with family members, one piece of luggage only per family member with maximum size for 1 piece of luggage at 76cm in length
  • Boxes not accepted. You’ll need to make arrangements to transport it at your own expense.
  • Your luggage must fit into the boot/trunk of a sedan. It is unsafe for the driver to carry any luggage inside the car.
  • If you have any luggage that doesn’t meet the requirements above, you’ll need to make arrangements to transport it at your own expense.

Passenger limits

  • Maximum two passengers for a student studying an undergraduate course.
  • If you arrive with more passengers than you have requested, you’ll need to organise a taxi or order a private van from Aero Cars at your own expense. The cost of a private van depends on your destination. Please contact Aero Cars for more information.

Filling out the form

Before requesting the pick-up service, you must have accepted your offer, confirmed your flight details, and have the required visa. To fill in the form make sure Javascript is enabled on your web browser (Chrome or Firefox) or the booking may not work.

What to do when you arrive

  1. It is important that you stay inside your arriving terminal (T1 - T2 - T3 - T4).
  2. If arriving on a international flight, find the meeting point, which is the The Welcome Centre, to your left, after you leave the customs area.
  3. Go immediately to the Welcome Centre and wait for your driver. Do not visit shops on your way.
  4. Before accepting your ride, make sure the driver has suitable identification, such as an Aero Car or Monash University sign, confirming they’re a representative of Monash University. The driver will also have your name and contact number provided in this booking.
  5. As a reminder, we cannot wait for, or take you to do a PCR COVID test, the driver has a limited wait time and you’ll risk missing your pick-up.
  6. Enable data roaming and have WhatsApp or WeChat ready as soon as you arrive.
If you can’t find your driver, text us using WhatsApp or WeChat on +61 425 865 955. Alternatively find a public phone and make a free call (no coins required) to Aero on 1800 350 850. Do not just leave! Aero will not compensate you for the cost of alternative transport if you missed the pick-up.

If you arrive late or not at all

  • If you miss a flight on your way to Australia, you must notify Aero as soon as possible by email: If your notification is received a minimum of 14 hours before your arrival, Aero will schedule a driver for your new arrival time.
  • If you catch your flight but it is delayed, Aero monitors flights and will be aware of delayed arrival times and be there to meet your new arrival time.
  • Note that staff at Aero do not check emails between the hours of 10pm and 7am Melbourne time.
  • Your booking will be cancelled if you don’t arrive on the specified date and time and fail to notify Aero in a timely manner. You may make another booking with Aero, if you wish, but it will be at your own expense, or you can make your own way to your accommodation.

The information provided on this form is correct and is used solely to arrange my pick-up from Tullamarine Airport. I will notify Aero Cars of any changes to my details.

You must agree to the Conditions of Service to continue

Monash University Students Booking Request

Student Information -

Each student must enter their own booking.

Arrival Information to Melbourne - "Tullamarine" Airport (MEL) Only No pick up is available from Avalon Airport (AVV).
*Please enter the correct flight arrival time.

*Aero will change the time to the correct flight arrival time.

Hotel quarantine accommodation
(for students who require pick-up from hotel quarantine)
Destination Address in Australia - NOT your home country address.
Additional Information
*Let us know if you need to bring boxes, Golf bag, Bike box. Piano box, Surfboard, Guitar case or extra luggage
If your luggage doesn't fit in the vehicle you'll need order a van upgrade from Aero, or pay for a taxi to transport it.

Maximum luggage allowed per student

2 large 76cm and 1 small 55cm suitcases.

*Please do NOT enter any more as your booking will get declined

Please do not bring food. Custom delays will result in losing your pick-up

Course information
Extra Information or Requirements

Do not bring food.

Do not bring food.

Please make sure that you have told us how much luggage you will be bringing

* Mandatory Fields