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Conditions of service for: Customers pick-up:


Melbourne Airport is being renovated at the moment.

    Before accepting your ride, make sure the driver has suitable identification confirming they’re a representative of Aero.


  1. Your luggage must fit inside the boot/trunk of our sedan. It is illegal for the driver to carry any luggage inside the car.
  2. Kindly book a van if you have any luggage that doesn’t meet the above requirements.

Filling out the form

Could you please ensure that:

  • Javascript is enabled on your web browser (Chrome or Firefox) or your booking may not get to us.
  • you kindly submit the form as soon as possible before your arrival in Melbourne (pick-up can not be guaranteed if the form is incomplete).
  • if you’ve made any changes to your arrival itinerary, kindly notify Aero Cars by email:

What to do when you arrive

On arrival, kindly go to the meeting point for your arrival terminal and look out for the driver.

If you can’t find your driver, kindly ring Aero on 1300 350 850.

If you arrive late or not at all

If you miss a flight on your way to Melbourne, you must notify Aero Cars as soon as possible: If your notification is received in time, Aero Cars will schedule a driver for your new arrival time; Aero Cars monitors flights and will be aware of delayed arrival times.

Note that Aero do not check emails between the hours of 9pm and 7am Australian Eastern Time.

Your booking will be cancelled and charged if you don’t arrive on the specified date and time and fail to notify Aero in a timely manner.

Aero does not offer compensation for missed pick-ups.

The information provided on this form is correct and is used solely to arrange my pick-ups from Tullamarine Airport. I will notify Aero of any changes to my details.

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